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  • Scott Ditchburn Vs. The Subrosa Street Rail

    Posted on September 4, 2015 by Cole Delvecchio

    Scott Ditchburn connects 2 Subrosa Street Rails together and launches a full on rail attack! Crazy X-Up moves and going out the hard way. Who do you think won?

    Subrosa Street Rails, Connecter Kits, and Extension Kits are available now!

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  • Extend The Party

    Posted on September 3, 2015 by Cole Delvecchio

    Make the party last as long as you want with the new Subrosa Street Rail Extension Kit. Attatch an Extionsion Kit to your Street Rail to add an extra 4 feet to you rail. But you don't have to stop there. Add as many Extension kits as you want to your rail to go for that world record ice pick.


    The Subrosa Extension Kit is in stock and ready to ship!

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  • Knock 'Em Out

    Posted on September 2, 2015 by Cole Delvecchio

    Subrosa Blue / Black Fade is one serious knockout of a colorway. The special fade colors gives your ride a very unique look to it. The only thing better than the color is the parts it comes on. Blue / Black fade is availablie on Subrosa Hubs, Bar Ends, Bottom Brackets, Headsets, Stems, Rims and Wheels, Sprockets, and grips.


    A fresh restock of Subrosa Blue / Black fade just landed here at Sparkys. Hit up your rep today and get your customers all black and blue.

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  • Interbike 2015!

    Posted on September 1, 2015 by Josh Meadows

    las vegas

    The year is flying by and the time has come for the yearly Interbike trade show in Las Vegas, NV. We are beyond stoked to attend the show this year and can't wait to show you what we have been working on!

    As always we are offering one on one meeting time with your sales rep. We strongly encourage our dealers to schedule meetings. It is a great opportunity to discuss the future with your sales rep. Our booth can get busy, so we want to guarantee our dealers the time and attention they deserve. All you need to do is hit up your rep today to lock in an appointment.

    Erik (Extension 101 / California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Utah.

    Josh (Extension 110 / Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, North/South Carolina, Kentucky, Illinois, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Kansas, Missouri, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Arkansas, North/South Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Hawaii, Alaska, and Michigan.

    Johnny (Extension 103 / Virginia/West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Delaware, Maryland, Washington DC, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine.

    Dave (Extension 102 / International

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  • What Makes Simone Barraco Tick?

    Posted on August 28, 2015 by Cole Delvecchio


    Red Bull recently had a little chat with Subrosa and Shadow pro rider Simone Barraco about the ins and outs of his life. Click HERE and find out for yourself.

    Be sure the check out Simone's Noster Goods, and signature complete bikes in stock and ready to ship today. Also be sure to pick up a copy of "What Could Go Wrong?" and see Simone's amazing part.

    If you have even more free time. Be sure to vote for Simone barraco for Ride BMX Readers Choice HERE.

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