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Any refused or returned order will be subject to a 15% restocking fee and return shipping charges. An order that is returned and then reshipped receives a $5.00 return fee.


All shipping or invoice discrepancies must be reported to us within five (5) working days of receipt. After review, any adjustments will be added or subracted from your next order.


No cash returns. All returns must be approved by your sales rep with a R.A. number. All returns must be made within ten (10) days of receipt of the goods and must be shipped prepaid. All returns are subject to our inspection and approval. We are not held repsonsible for goods lost or damaged in transit.


Each time a check is returned there will be a $20.00 fee. If a second returned check occurs, the account will be taken off C.O.D. Check terms. If a check is not replaced, you agree to pay all charges incurred to collect the full amount of the check. This includes attorney’s fees, collection agency, etc.


All credit card charges will show as American Mentality, Inc. on your billing statement. Any disputed charges will incur a $15.00 fee in addition to bank fees or other charges made to American Mentality, Inc. as a result of a mistaken dispute.

There is a 2.5% fee on all credit cards


All payments must be paid on or before the expiration of the days listed on the invoice. This is from the date that the order was shipped.
Any payments past due by 15 days will incur a 1.5% or $20 late fee, whichever is greater. If payment is not received, you agree to pay all charges incurred to collect the full amount of the order. This includes attorney’s fees, collection agency, etc. Also, any accounts that are past due more than 7 days will be put on hold. No further orders may be shipped until the past due balance is paid in full.

Terms are only decided after a trade reference form has been completed and approved.


Shipping discounts will be applied when the invoice is paid. Invoices with Net Terms will be credited for the shipping discount only if the full balance is paid by the due date. The shipping discount will NOT be applied for any late payments.


We have a minimum advertised pricing policy for all of our brands here at Sparky’s. We believe this is the best way to promote fairness in the ever changing retail environment and to make sure you can maintain healthy margins. You may not advertise our items for sale at pricing less than the MAPP pricing provided by your sales rep unless you have written consent from your Sparky’s sales representative.